Barber Humor

A customer comes into the barbershop for a shave and hot towel treatment. "Don't use any of that cologne on me, though, because my wife thinks I'm home cleaning out the garage." "No problem," said the barber. "i can do you one better. I'll dab a little motor oil behind the ears; that should get you in the door!"



Barber Style

The Barber Den is a place where customers can relax and feel at home. Sports memorabilia lines the walls, and the barbers banter about the latest win (or loss) of their favorite teams. The conversation is always lively. Sometimes a news or sports show is on TV, other times SiriusXM selections are playing.  We might even have a retro movie going to pass the time while you wait for your favorite barber.

 Stop by and experience a real barber shop cut.

The Barber Den is located at 6905 S BROADWAY, Unit 71, in the Broadridge Shopping Center at the northwest corner of Broadway and Ridge Road in Littleton, Colorado.


For directions or information about our services, call 303-794-2868.

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