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The Poppy – A Symbol of Memorial Day

Posted 5/25/2022


WW1, also known as The Great War, saw the deaths of over 8 million soldiers from 1914 to 1918. The landscape of Western Europe was ravaged by mortars, boots and field artillery as the war progressed. Dormant wildflower seeds were churned up and began growing as the countryside began to heal. The common poppy (Papaver rhoeas) was among those, with its bright orange blooms.

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Posted 1/11/2022


Master Barber of our Barber Den Family and Patriarch of our family passed away on Saturday, October 30th. He was the original owner of The Barber Den, brother-in-law to former owner Doug MacLean and uncle to current owner Phil MacLean. The community of Littleton and surrounding areas has lost an incredible icon of barbering and BS. He had more stories than Paul Bunyon, and the tales got taller as the years passed. If you don’t know fantastical details of his children, grandchildren, and the giant pheasant in Tinkertown, 14 miles west of Watertown, South Dakota, then you didn’t sit in his chair more than 5 minutes. In his later years, he took up painting and could be seen selling his masterpieces in front of the shop some days. He loved his business and his customers, and he will be sorely missed by all. A memorial service was held on Tuesday, November 9th.

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Holidays at the Barber Den

Posted 11/28/2020

The Barber Den has been a part of my life since I was born. I remember being so excited for school closures and all the fun activities and family gatherings between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Dad, on the other hand, would come home from the shop dragging butt and falling asleep in his recliner. 

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What Does Labor Day Mean to You?

Posted 9/4/2020

Did you ever wonder why a day when most people do not work is called Labor Day? Maybe it should have been No-Labor Day, or Laborer Day or Stay Home and Play Day. Back in 1880’s, bosses had their employees, some only children, working 70+ hour weeks. Working conditions were poor and unsafe. It was the Central Labor Union in New York City that spurred a proposal that included a one-day strike by workers, a demonstration calling for better working conditions and shorter hours, and a picnic. That was September 5, 1882. While states began adopting the holiday...

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Posted 6/8/2020

From mid-March to mid-May 2020, with the pandemic scare closing all but essential businesses, this country saw a transformation that rivaled the long-haired hippie days of the ‘60’s. Former buzz cuts started to get curly. High-n-tights turned into Loosie Goosies. Modified mullets became, well, mullets. 

Television news mirrored this phenomenon, with men sporting pompadours and comb-overs, ...

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A New and Exciting Era for The Den!

Posted 7/16/2018

For those who know the history of The Barber Den, you know it has been in the Walters/MacLean family for over 40 years. Today marks the third generation of Barber Den owners, as Doug passes the “clippers” to his son Phil and Phil’s wife Sarah. Phil has been managing the shop for the past year and has seamlessly retained the dynamic of the Den, while integrating his own style.

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Celebrating Freedom

Posted 7/8/2018

The festivities of the past week remind us of the cost of freedom. We gained our independence from Britain July 1776, but the Revolutionary War which began in 1775, raged for seven more years. 

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There are going to be some changes around here...

Posted 6/18/2017

These were words that first struck fear in the lives of Doug’s sons, and then later became a source of eye-rolling and cajoling. The reason for changes might have been too much clutter around the house, chores not being done, chaotic schedules or unattended homework. Doug would take it as long as he could, and then most likely at the dinner table, these infamous words would ring out…

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It's No-Shave November

Posted 11/7/2015

Many of you have heard of No-Shave November, but did you know how it started? The Today Show is a proud supporter of the cause, and this video from their site profiles one of the families who paid tribute to their father by starting the non-profit to bring awareness for men’s health and raising funds for cancer research.

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New Year, New Pricing

Posted 1/4/2015

The only thing going down in price these days is gasoline, so after two years, The Barber Den is raising our prices. We still offer professional cuts, shaves and trims for men at competitive prices, and our barbers make every effort to send you ...

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